The health of the mouth is extremely important as it is linked to overall health through the oral-systemic connection. An unhealthy mouth, especially one with gum disease, can increase the risk of serious health problems throughout the body. Oral health is not only about preventing bad breath, tooth decay and keeping teeth intact, it also supports general well-being.

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Despite the perception that wearing dentures is outdated and is no longer the preferred replacement method for edentulous patients, the use of removable dentures continues to be a growing market. Due to the high cost of implants and other economic and social factors, conventional removable dentures is present in people’s daily lives and will continue in the foreseeable future. Denture care is a top priority for bonyf’s most extensive portfolio of products. Click below for more product information.


Orthodontic treatment is not only used for aesthetic reasons, it is also essential to receive treatment to establish a proper bite and alignment of the teeth. Without proper care and cleanliness of the orthodontic appliance – removable or fixed – the prevalence of gum infection is high. It is essential that the biofilm that accumulates on these appliances is removed. Neglect can lead to ulcers, infections in the gums, and possibly serious gingivitis.

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bonyf has diversified its product range with the development of two unique skin care products to help repair cracks in feet and cuts in fingers which can be very painful and difficult to treat. The products are clinically tested and proven to reduce pain levels and seal cracks.

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