PerioTabs®: a ground-breaking solution to help combat forms of gum disease

PerioTabs®: a ground-breaking solution to help combat forms of gum disease affecting 4 billion people

Gum diseases are prevalent and affect 90% (4 billion people) of the world’s population. A recent study found that 743 million people (approximately 10% worldwide) are affected by some form of severe gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease will turn into periodontitis. The highest number of periodontitis cases are found in Europe. 17% of France’s population, equating to 10 million people, suffer from periodontitis.

Treatment and prevention of gum disease and periodontitis is crucial for overall health. Several systemic diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses responsible for gum infection and periodontitis and can enter the systemic circulation and affect underlying organs and tissues. This can lead to endocarditis, pancreatic cancer, premature birth, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The fastest growing area in dentistry and the dental supply industry is dental implants and their respective parts and tools. More than 800,000 individual implants are placed in the United States yearly, and more than 1.8 million in the European Union. In Europe and the US only, approximately 5 million people have dental implants, and it is expected that around 15 million dental implants will be carried out worldwide by 2025.

One in every four dental implant patients risk losing their implant after 3-5 years due to pathogenic micro-organism accumulation on the dental implant (biofilm), causing local gingival inflammation (peri-mucositis) and bone destruction (peri-implantitis). Peri-mucositis is a condition that can be reversed, if caught in time by a dentist, however, in most cases, peri-implantitis is not.

No efficient cure currently exists for peri-implantitis, and in the US peri-implantitis is considered as a ‘medico-legal’ problem where many dental implant patients, who have paid high amounts for their dental implant surgery, and are now suffering from peri-implantitis, are filing law suits against Implantologists and implant companies.

The current treatment for periodontal/peri-implant disease is based on the use of local chlorohexidine combined with systemic antibiotic treatment, however, efficacy is low and there are several undesired side effects.

PerioTabs® contains no chlorohexidine and has the potential to significantly help people who suffer from gum infection related problems. In addition, using PerioTabs® on a regular basis, is a preventative measure against gum problems and is an important role in the prevention of systemic diseases related to gum infections.

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