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Mouth Ulcer Cream

AphtoFix® is a film-forming cream used for the local treatment of mouth ulcers. It provides a thin, elastic, durable and protective layer on the surface of the affected areas. This layer stimulates the natural healing process and quickly helps to reduce pain and the burning sensation due to the ulcer. The muco-adhesive property of AphtoFix® is activated on contact with saliva.

  • A unique formulation that aims to combine both a long adhesion time with effective healing capabilities.
  • Forms a protective waterproof layer over the ulcer due to the muco-adhesive and film (barrier) forming properties of its ingredients. This barrier prevents painful contact with the environment of the oral cavity, food and beverage components, reducing pain and fostering the healing process.
  • Significant reduction of ulcer size, noticeable relief and pain reduction created by the physical barrier between the ulcer and the AphtoFix® cream.

Clinically tested

AphtoFix is clinically tested and proven to be effective in decreasing the size of ulcers, pain and severity, and healing time to improve the quality of life in patients who suffer from Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis.

Dermatologically tested

“From a dermatological point of view it can be concluded that the product AphtoFix® was very well tolerated in a four-week application test under clinical and dermatological observations.”

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AphtoFix mouth ulcer cream is a film-forming cream used for local treatment of mouth ulcers and denture irritations. it creates a thin protective layer on the affected area. this cream reduces the pain caused by ulcers and has protective and healing properties

AphtoFix® works in three phases:

The adhesive property of AphtoFix® is activated on contact with saliva forming a thin, elastic, durable and protective layer on the surface of the mouth ulcer. The synergy of the different ingredients of the cream AphtoFix immediately reduce pain and stimulate the healing process.

This product has mechanical properties such as:

  • Forming a protective film because of its muco-adhesive properties
  • Creating a waterproof barrier to food and water to protect the canker sore.
  • Reduces pain sensation and grants an immediate relief to the affected area.