OlivaFix® Gold Denture Adhesive Cream


OlivaFix® Gold Denture Adhesive Cream

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24* hour hold, formulated with 30% organic olive oil

OlivaFix® Gold is a denture adhesive cream that is formulated with no zinc, mineral oil and Vaseline, which have been replaced by a 30% content of extra virgin organic olive oil. OlivaFix® Gold has a neutral taste and an unparalleled holding time of up to 24 hours for full upper dentures and an extra strong hold for lower dentures. Not only is OlivaFix® Gold a healthier alternative to other denture adhesive creams, it is also the only denture adhesive cream using a natural and renewable resource as its base. Olive oil is also reputed for being antibacterial and anti-candida; rich in vitamin E & D, pro-vitamin A & Oleic acid.

Denture adhesive cream is absorbed into the body through the mouth. OlivaFix® Gold was developed to provide consumers with a healthier alternative to standard dental adhesives.

0% Zinc, 0% Mineral Oil, 0% Vaseline, 0% Colour additives, 0% Preservatives

OlivaFix® Gold was clinically tested in 2019 on over 300 denture wearers in 8 countries and proven*:

  • for its superior hold;
  • to substantially reduce the growth of Candida albicans;
  • to improve at least one of the two investigated parameters (VAS and KAPUR) in 84.11% of patients;
  • to provide a ‘healthy’ alternative to conventional vaseline and/or zinc based denture adhesive creams in terms of denture stability, retention, holding time, burning sensations and taste; and
  • to improve the overall quality of life of denture wearers.

OlivaFix® Gold denture adhesive cream is available in 40g and 75g sizes.

*Up to 24h for full upper dentures and strong and secure hold for lower dentures.

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The 12 Hour Special Fixative Denture Cream is no ordinary denture adhesive. It’s advanced formula reacts with moisture in the mouth to provide a super strong hold lasting for up to 12 hours (depends on type of denture).

This cream was especially formulated to fix your denture in place allowing you to forget that you are wearing a denture altogether.

One application of the cream is sufficient to ensure a secure, firm fix. The latest technological advances in the denture field have allowed to elaborate specific molecules that free 2 active ingredients from the adhesive cream. This is what gives BONYPLUS 12 Hour Special Fixative Denture Cream its remarkable super strong, super lasting hold. The latest research shows that these 2 active ingredients are triggered by saliva (Super Denture Adhesive Cream + Saliva = Super Strong Hold) which mutates into an adhesive gel to create a smooth and soft sealed layer between the denture and the gums. This also prevents food particles from getting stuck between them. In addition, the fresh mint flavour prevents denture odours.

  • Special Formula
  • Cream activates in the mouth for an exceptionally strong lasting hold
  • 2 sizes: 40g tube and 2g sachet
  • Stands up to warm and cold foods and drinks
  • Up to 12 hour hold