OlivaFix® Gold

Denture Adhesive Cream

The world’s first truly healthy
24* hour denture adhesive cream.

OlivaFix® Gold

Denture Adhesive Cream

The world’s first truly healthy
24* hour denture adhesive cream.

A true innovation
in the growing denture adhesive market
making denture wearing healthy and easy!
2018 Top Award Winner for denture adhesive creams by dental professionals in the USA

OlivaFix® is the world’s first and only healthier alternative for a denture cream that contains no petrochemicals and uses a natural and renewable resource, organic olive oil. Olive oil has the following benefits: antibacterial and anti-candida properties; rich in vitamin E & D, pro-vitamin A & Oleic acid.

Why is OlivaFix® Gold superior and safer than conventional denture adhesive creams?

6 published clinical studies

have proven the superiority of OlivaFix® Gold denture adhesive cream over current market leader products in terms of:

  • customer satisfaction;
  • Holding time of up to 24 hours;
  • decreased Candida presence in the mouth;
  • less burning sensation;

Resulting in improving the overall quality of life of denture wearers.

In a recent consumer survey study carried out by the world’s leading data and consulting company, Kantar, OlivaFix® Gold denture adhesive cream was recognized as a superior product over a conventional adhesive cream.

Petrolatum, found in most conventional denture adhesive creams, has been recently classified by ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency, as a potential carcinogenic in December 2021.

What makes OlivaFix® Gold a healthier better choice?

  • No zinc & petroleum derivatives
  • No burning sensation & bad taste
  • Up to 24 *hours denture hold
  • 30% organic olive oil
  • Based on a renewable resource
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-Candida & other health benefits from olive oil
  • Most creams contain petroleum derivatives, zinc and mineral oil
  • May cause burning sensation & bad taste
  • Up to 12 hours denture hold
  • No organic olive oil
  • Based on non-renewable resources
  • Health concerns of daily ingestion of zinc, mineral oil & petroleum derivatives

What was the motivation behind the development of OlivaFix® Gold Denture Adhesive Cream?

Due to a public safety warning from the FDA in the USA on marketed denture adhesive creams containing zinc (which was found to cause neurological problems in denture wearers), bonyf had the idea to develop a zinc-free denture adhesive cream. The goal was to also remove the petroleum portion of conventional adhesive creams and replace it with organic olive oil and to increase denture holding time from 12 to 24 hours.

Years of research and development by bonyf has culminated in this unique advancement in the growing denture adhesive cream market. Nine hundred million denture adhesive tubes are sold annually worldwide, with an estimated 1,4bn in 2025 .

  • 100% Swiss Made
  • FDA approved and listed in the USA
  • Classification in Europe: Medical Device Class I
  • Patent protected
  • Compliant with MDD 93/42/EEC

What our Customers are Saying

This is the first time I have purchased OlivaFix® Gold and I am really impressed. The hold lasted 24 hours as promised. I no longer have burning sensations in my mouth when using a denture adhesive due to the olive oil. I will definitely buy again!

Michael Fontaine

OlivaFix® Gold is great. No icky tastes and a great sticking power. Very little cream is needed to achieve the desired result. Well worth the slightly higher price tag and I love that it contains organic olive oil. It feels great in my mouth.

Claire Lavigne

The only adhesive cream that contains organic olive oil. I have used denture adhesive creams for years that have left a bad taste in my mouth and are full of chemicals. OlivaFix® Gold is great as it contains organic olive oil. Was very happy to have found this product.

Louise Jones

I love that this product does not contain any petrochemicals and that it contains organic olive oil instead. There is nothing else out there like it. Thank you for producing such a great product.

Jenny Rodgers

Best denture adhesive I have ever used. Holds for a full day and gave me confidence to eat in public. The organic olive oil in the cream gives it a neutral taste and feels really smooth in my mouth. So much healthier than other creams.

Peter Warner

OlivaFix® Gold

-The Next Generation Denture Adhesive Cream

* Up to 24 hour hold for upper dentures and extra strong hold for lower dentures