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bonyf appoints Ben Mettepenningen as International Business Manager

Ghent (Belgium), 1 June 2022, 6.00pm; bonyf NV (Mnemonic: MLBON), the next generation oral comfort expert, announces the appointment of Mr. Ben Mettepenningen as International Business Manager.
In his role, Ben Mettepenningen is responsible for the global sales and marketing activities of the bonyf group. Ben has more than 25 years of successful business development experience, in particular, in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. He has worked for prestigious international companies such as Sunstar, Dentaid, Biotene, Tradiphar (Cooper Consumer Health), Nespresso and Citibank.
His expertise is in sales, in particular, implementing new strategies to increase turnover by crafting and achieving ambitious targets. He has a proven track record in the healthcare sector, having worked for Sunstar as their Managing Director in Belgium. He then moved to Sunstar’s headquarters in Switzerland, where he was responsible for the UK market. He was also appointed as European Sales Manager at Biotene. Ben has successfully launched and relaunched a number of oral care brands, which has given him an insight into the bonyf market.
“On behalf of everyone at bonyf, I would like to welcome Ben Mettepenningen to the position of International Business Manager. Ben brings with him a wealth of experience. His appointment will accelerate the roll-out of our innovative products around the world to enter new sales territories and increase our market share in our existing areas. Together with Ben, we are sure to achieve brand recognition in the oral and wound care sector in not only Europe but also globally,” says Jean-Pierre Bogaert, Founder and CEO of bonyf.

What were your reasons for joining bonyf after an extensive career with larger groups?
Ben Mettepenningen:“bonyf is a company that offers motivating challenges for a sales person. bonyf’s innovative oral products are in line with the holistic oral care approach and have the potential to become leaders on shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets. Since its creation, bonyf has focused on developing innovative and patented formulations that can be used in different applications. This ensures high sales volumes can be achieved with future customers. At the same time, the strategy of promoting oral comfort with less reliance on petrochemicals is a commitment I fully embrace.”

What are your top priorities for the coming months?
Ben Mettepenningen: “bonyf is a company with a lot of business expansion potential. There are a number of key developments I have in mind, all of which are equally important. If I would have to narrow it down to only two, I would firstly say the penetration of further key markets in Europe and the US. These highly competitive markets present interesting opportunities for an innovative company such as bonyf for their star products, OlivaFix Gold® and PerioTabs®, as both products have clear competitive advantages over what already exists in the market. bonyf’s star products are not yet sufficiently recognized by customers in these markets, whilst in South-East Asia, we are on the brink of acquiring 2 new leading pharmaceutical customers. Secondly, bonyf’s R&D department, and its decades of production expertise, has the capacity to expand its sales beyond their own-branded products and into the private label sector. This is an area, I believe, that can put bonyf on the map as a major player globally for oral and wound care products.”

bonyf’s strengths

  • Products with patented formulations
  • Produced in Switzerland compliant with stringent international quality regulations
  • Proven clinical efficacy
  • Commercial presence in 36 countries
  • Prospects for solid growth and rapid profitability
  • A fast-growing oral and dental care market


About bonyf

Incorporated in 1979, bonyf specialises in the development, production and selling of cutting-edge oral & dental care products. Through its unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, bonyf makes a real difference to people suffering from dental and oral conditions. The Company has its R&D facilities in Liechtenstein (in the reputable “Dental Valley”), a production plant in Switzerland and distributes its product range in 36 countries worldwide. Benefiting from seven patent protected formulations and products developed in-house, bonyf expects strong future development, driven by the fast-growing oral and dental care market


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