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bonyf raises awareness on World Oral Health Day

To mark World Oral Health Day, bonyf is raising awareness of the importance of teeth and gum health with its innovative technology, to improve the well-being of people suffering from oral diseases

Ghent (Belgium), 20 March 2022, 08.00am; bonyf NV (ticker: MLBON), experts in nextgeneration oral and dental care, joins World Oral Health Day on 20 March 2022 in emphasising the importance of oral care, your mouth being a vital organ for the prevention of many diseases.

Celebrated annually on 20 March, World Oral Health Day was launched by the FDI World Dental Federation to raise awareness about the prevention and control of oral diseases. The FDI World Dental Federation is the leading organisation representing over one million dentists worldwide. It includes around 200 national dental associations and specialist groups in over 130 countries. The FDI’s vision is to lead the world to better oral health.

Founded in 1979, bonyf is a company specialising in the research, development, production and distribution of innovative oral care products. Its extensive range of patented products are the result of 20 years in-house research and development and are manufactured in Switzerland under strict international regulations ensuring consistent product quality.

bonyf’s mission is to improve health and wellbeing of people suffering from oral diseases. To ensure the effectiveness of its products, bonyf invests in high quality scientific research to ensure the effectiveness of its products. A healthy mouth is vital in maintaining good overall health, especially for those with a compromised immune system. Harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi in an infected mouth can invade other parts of the body. bonyf sustains oral and dental hygiene through next generation revolutionary products.

A range of products dedicated to prevention and treatment of oral diseases

bonyf’s product portfolio includes revolutionary oral care products, in particular, PerioTabs®, a brushing solution that reduces gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis without the use of chlorhexidine. It significantly reduces bleeding gums, thereby reducing the risk of transmitting infections
to other organs in the body.
Numerous recent clinical studies have demonstrated the superiority of PerioTabs® over alternative products on the market, allowing bonyf to grow in this expanding market segment.
PerioTabs® contains bonyf’s core technology, NitrAdine®, a clinically proven and patent-protected disinfecting formulation with multiple applications. Seven of bonyf’s products contain this formulation, and investments are underway to develop new products by the end of 2022.

Listed last week on the stock exchange to raise its profile and promote oral hygiene

With its listing on Euronext Paris Access on 17 March, bonyf aims to boost its credibility and increase the visibility of its brand.
This listing is bonyf’s first key step in preparation for growth in the oral care market segment, which offers significant opportunities worldwide. With its products already being distributed to 36 countries, bonyf intends to accelerate its development in targeted European countries for its leading products –
PerioTabs® brushing solution in Italy and OlivaFix® Gold denture fixative cream containing organic olive oil, in France. bonyf plans to extend its innovation and quality expertise directly to target markets through technological, manufacturing or commercial partnerships with major players in the sector.
Jean-Pierre Bogaert, Founder and Chief Executive Officer commented:
“Oral care, and in particular, the well-being of people with removable dentures and the prevention of diseases transmitted through the mouth, is part of bonyf’s historical expertise. We support all public initiatives to promote oral health and improve the comfort of those who have dentures, implants or
removable dental appliances. Through its continuous efforts to innovate and improve quality, bonyf provides many people with the means to manage life comfortably and to prevent the onset of related diseases“.

bonyf’s strengths

  • Products with patented formulations
  • Produced in Switzerland compliant with stringent international quality regulations
  • Proven clinical efficacy
  • Commercial presence in 36 countries
  • Prospects for solid growth and rapid profitability
  • A fast-growing oral and dental care market


About bonyf

Incorporated in 1979, bonyf specialises in the development, production and selling of cutting-edge oral & dental care products. Through its unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, bonyf makes a real difference to people suffering from dental and oral conditions. The Company has its R&D facilities in Liechtenstein (in the renown dental valley), a production plant in Switzerland and distributes its product range in 36 countries worldwide. Benefiting from seven patent protected formulations and products developed in-house, bonyf expects strong future development, driven by the fast-growing oral and dental care market.


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