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DENTURE WEARERS: are adhesives potentially dangerous?

Denture adhesive creams contain a variety of chemical ingredients that ensure their effectiveness.

As these products are in the mouth for around 12 hours a day, and are in contact with the mucous membrane and are inevitably ingested, we could ask ourselves if they are completely safe. Vaseline, for example, one of the most common ingredients in denture adhesive creams, is very well tolerated. However, the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), has recently labelled this substance as a “probable carcinogen”. Although no studies have shown a link between denture adhesives and cancer, bonyf, the oral care specialist, now offers a healthier alternative with “OlivaFix® Gold”. In this new adhesive cream, all petrochemical ingredients have been replaced by 30% organic olive oil which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, reducing growth of bacteria and fungi, and all without compromising adhesive effectiveness.

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Côté Santé Magazine, Edition No. 138, Publication Date: 1 June, 2022