A breakthrough in oral care

Brushing solution

that reduces gingivitis, periodontitis,
peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis


to use

No side



Clinically proven

What is PerioTabs®?

Small effervescent tablets dissolved daily in lukewarm water forming a brushing solution used for 10 consecutive days.

PerioTabs® has strong disinfecting properties and is based on bonyf’s core technology, NitrAdine®. NitrAdine® is a formulation of 9 chemical ingredients that interact resulting in its disinfecting and pain reducing properties. NitrAdine® formulation has proven bactericidal, yeasticidal and virucidal properties and in addition induces a significant reduction of biofilm formed by a variety of disease inducing micro-organisms to clinically insignificant levels.

Why use PerioTabs®?

To reduce bleeding, swollen, painful and inflamed gums through its triple action, chlorhexidine free, formulation. PerioTabs® also improves recovery from dental implant related diseases (peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis).

Ninety percent of the population suffer from bleeding gums – 50% of which are affected by periodontitis. One in three dental implant patients risk losing their implant due to infection.

What is the importance of the triple action of PerioTabs®?

Any germs present on the toothbrush bristles will be eliminated before brushing commences; and the chemical and physical action of the brushing solution will ensure efficient removal of bacterial plaque.

Regular use of PerioTabs® (every 3 months), can help ease symptoms and work as a preventative measure to maintain good oral hygiene and restores healthy gums.




Brushing solution
eliminates germs
present on bristles

Chemical action of brushing ensures removal of bacterial plaque

Physical action of brushing further enhances elimination of plaque

Why use PerioTabs® instead of mouthwashes or toothpastes?

Despite regular mouthwash and toothpaste use, many people still suffer from bleeding and inflamed gums and 35% lose dental implants.

PerioTabs® non-antibiotic brushing solution provides a superior alternative to chlorhexidine, the current standard for treating gum related infections. Chlorhexidine has multiple adverse side effects, including staining of teeth, taste alteration and allergic reactions. Clinical studies have proven that PerioTabs® have greater efficacy than chlorhexidine-based products without any side effects.

Competitive advantage of PerioTabs®

Say Yes to PerioTabs®

  • NO SIDE EFFECTS (no staining, burning sensation or loss of taste)

  • Faster results in reducing bleeding, inflammation, and pain

  • Non-corrosive to metal implant parts

  • Non-erosive to dentin or enamel

  • Fast gum tissue restoration

  • Non-toxic to gums (non-irritating, non-sensitizing)

  • Non-antibiotic

  • Compatible with all toothbrush heads

  • Chlorhexidine free

Say No to Chlorhexidine Products

  • Can cause accumulation of stain on the tongue and teeth

  • Can cause calculus build up

  • Alteration in taste that in some instances can be permanent

  • Use in post surgical tretment should be limited as it damages essential cells for gum attachment, disrupting the healing process & compromising a favourable outcome

  • Can cause severe allergic reactions

  • Growing scientific evidence of oral bacterial resistance

Efficacy of PerioTabs®

Clinical studies results

Before brushing with PerioTabs®

After 10 days brushing with PerioTabs®

Before brushing with PerioTabs®

After 10 days brushing with PerioTabs®

What causes bleeding and inflamed

gums and how can PerioTabs® help?

  • Toothbrushes contaminated with pathogenic micro-organisms. Within days of using, a toothbrush becomes contaminated.

    PerioTabs® brushing solution eliminates these micro-organisms.

  • Accumulation of bacterial plaque on dental implants and gums that are not efficiently removed with toothpaste or mouthwash.

    PerioTabs® brushing solution provides a highly effective chemical action ensuring plaque removal.

  • Bacterial plaque that firmly attaches to dental implants and surrounding gum tissue which needs physical brushing to remove. Mouthwash alone is not sufficient to remove this plaque.

    Physically brushing teeth and gums with PerioTabs® brushing solution increases effectiveness in removing bacterial plaque

Is PerioTabs® clinically proven?

20+ clinical and pre-clinical studies were initiated, of which 6 prove the efficacy of PerioTabs®

  • Goguta L. et al: Efficacy of PerioTabs, a NitrAdine-based brushing gingiva brushing solution, on periodontically affected patients treated with fixed partial dentures: a randomized controlled study. (Published in Quintessence Intl, 2021).
  • Epifani F. et al: An adjuvant in non surgical treatment of periodontal pathologies. A preliminary in vivo study. (Published in Dentista Moderno, June 2021, publication in Italian).
  • Cosola S. et al: The effectiveness of the information-motivation model and domestic brushing with a hypochlorite-based formula on peri-implant mucositis: A randomized clinical study. (Published in Clinical and Experimental Dental Research, October 2021).
  • Perelli M. et al: Preliminary evaluation of a NitrAdine-based brushing solution for patients suffering from gingivitis: a prospective clinical case-control study. (Published in the European Journal of Dentistry, December 2021).
  • Virto L. et al: Antimicrobial effects of a new brushing solution concept on a multispecies in vitro biofilm model growing on titanium surfaces. (Published in Clinical Oral Implants Research, December 2021).
  • Alkan et al. Randomized trial of feasibility and preliminary effectiveness of PerioTabs® on periodontal diseases. (Published in Applied Sciences, February 2022).

PerioTabs® is a Medical Device Class I product and patent pending in Europe (15 798 353.7),
Switzerland (1750/2014), and USA (16/458,728 divisional of 15/526,247)