Denture Relining Cushion


Denture Relining Cushion

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For ill-fitting dentures

The Denture Relining Cushion is a product for ill-fitting dentures. While the shape of the denture remains static over time, the gums are continually changing shape. This can lead to a misalignment between the dentures and the gums, which can be a source of pain and discomfort. The Denture Relining Cushion acts like an adjustable soft layer between the denture and the gums creating a buffer, cushion like effect between them, giving the user a perfect fit for up to 30 days whilst still maintaining its soft consistency.

  • Improves fit and comfort of dentures by creating an exact copy of the upper and lower gum
  • Relieves painful pressure spots and sore gums
  • Includes a Separator liquid allowing for easy removal of the relining cushion
  • Product does not come off the denture while eating or drinking
  • Provides a vacuum grip
  • The denture can be taken out at any time for cleaning

Use for complete acrylic dentures only – not suitable for metal dentures.

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BONYPLUS Denture Relining Cushion Stabilizer is an effective product for ill-fitting dentures. The product provides a comfortable and soft layer in between your denture and your gums that adjusts to your shape which allows your dentures to fit perfectly for up to 4 weeks.

By applying BONYPLUS Denture Relining Cushion Stabilizer on your denture, you will create a soft, comfortable, pink elastic layer that will recreate a perfect impression of your gums. This impression will remove the small air pockets that would otherwise infiltrate between the denture and the gums and will restore a strong suction effect that you may have lost over time due to the continual change and shrinking of your upper or lower gums. Once applied, the “Denture Relining Cushion”, will make your denture feel like a cushion, eliminating the pain associated with wearing it. It can be applied every month from the comfort of your own home. The product is not suitable for metal dentures.

  • Relining kit improves fit and comfort of full dentures
  • Relieves painful pressure spots and sore gums
  • 1 application lasts 4 weeks
  • Creates a natural suction effect which prevents your dentures from slipping
  • Forms an exact copy of your upper and lower gums as they are today