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Clinical evidence affirms PerioTabs® efficacy in reducing gingival inflammation

Clinical evidence affirms PerioTabs® efficacy in reducing gingival inflammation

VADUZ, Liechtenstein, 26 January 2021 – PerioTabs®, bonyf’s innovative gum and teeth brushing solution, based on the company’s proprietary anti-biofilm formulation NitrAdine®, shows high efficacy in reducing gingival inflammation in periodontically affected patients wearing fixed partial dentures.  Researchers at the faculty of Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timosoara, Romania studied a group of 49 patients who were instructed to brush their teeth, gums and protheses with the PerioTabs® solution for 10 days (treatment group) and another group of 49 patients who were instructed to use any toothpaste (control group).

Highly significant differences between the treatment and control groups were observed for plaque index and bleeding index. All patients in the PerioTabs® treatment group displayed improvement of the condition of the gingival tissue in terms of colour alteration of the gingiva from red (indicating inflammation) to pink (indicating healthy tissues); absence of bleeding; and reduced edema.

No side effects from the use of PerioTabs® were reported together with a high patient satisfaction. The authors also note that Chlorhexidine, the most widely used substance in periodontology, is causing many adverse effects including mucosal irritation, burning sensation, tooth staining, taste alterations and calcus formation, and conclude that PerioTabs® is a promising alternative. The outcome of the study was published in Quintessence International, January 2021.

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A copy of the full publication is available on request.