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bonyf announces listing on Paris Euronext

  • bonyf to go public by direct listing on Euronext Access® Paris.
  • Stock market initiative to finance bonyf’s international expansion and innovative new products thus enhancing its reputation to secure major strategic partnerships and accelerate value creation.
  • Leader in oral and dental hygiene, a fast-growing market driven by an ageing population and excessive consumption of sugar, tobacco, alcohol and medication which significantly increases the number of people suffering from gum diseases.

Ghent (Belgium), 15 March 2022, 10:15am; bonyf NV (Ticker symbol: MLBON), the experts in next-generation oral and dental care, announces it will go public on Euronext Access® by direct listing on 17 March 2022. The start of trading is scheduled for 17 March 2022.

bonyf NV is a Belgian company specialising in the research, development, production and distribution of innovative oral and dental products. Its extensive range of patented products are the result of 20 years in-house research and development conducted in bonyf’s facilities in Liechtenstein. Products are manufactured at bonyf’s production site in Switzerland under strict international regulations to ensure consistent product quality.

bonyf’s mission is to improve health and wellbeing to transform lives of people suffering from infection induced oral and dental problems. To ensure the effectiveness of its products, bonyf invests in high quality scientific research. A healthy mouth is vital in maintaining good overall health, especially for those with a compromised immune system. Harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi in an infected mouth can invade other parts of the body. bonyf sustains oral and dental hygiene through next generation revolutionary products.

An innovative product range

Innovation is at the heart of bonyf’s product range. bonyf has patented formulations, with proven efficacy of its products through multiple clinical tests and has globally recognised certifications. To date, the Company has seven active patents with three pending.

bonyf’s portfolio consists of 15 products in denture, oral, orthodontic and wound care. Two of bonyf’s flagship products OlivaFix® Gold Denture Adhesive Cream and PerioTabs® offer significant potential. OlivaFix® Gold is the worlds’ first truly healthy denture adhesive cream. Its unique formulation has replaced petrochemicals, mineral oil and zinc with a sustainable resource – organic olive oil. This breakthrough innovation is patented, clinically proven and recognised by consumers as the premium choice in a market dominated by petrochemical and zinc-based products.

PerioTabs® is a game-changing brushing solution that helps to reduce gingivitis, periodontitis, perimucositis and peri-implantitis without the use of chlorhexidine. This product contains bonyf’s core technology, NitrAdine®, a clinically-proven and patent-protected disinfecting formulation with many current and future applications.

To better meet its customers’ expectations, bonyf intends to expand its product range in 2022 and 2023.

An established international reputation

Benefiting from its long-standing business partners since its founding, bonyf distributes its products in 36 countries to pharmaceutical companies, retail chains and dental dealers. R&D is conducted in Liechtenstein, the world renown dental valley. Production is in Switzerland and the holding company, bonyf NV, is in Belgium. bonyf NV owns all patents.

A company on a sustainable growth trajectory

bonyf’s development strategy focuses on four main areas:

  • An ambitious 2022 marketing plan to roll out OlivaFix® Gold and PerioTabs® in Europe with respective targeted countries for each product.
  • Strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies to distribute bonyf’s innovative products.
  • Opportunities to monetise large-scale R&D already conducted through licensing agreements and patent assignments for certain regions.
  • New products under development with patent opportunities.

Stock market listing to increase visibility and facilitate future fund raising

bonyf will go public through a technical listing on Euronext Access® Paris to increase visibility, credibility and brand and company awareness. It then plans to raise funds to finance its marketing and sales investments to accelerate organic growth.

The stock market listing enables shareholders to obtain initial liquidity. The admission to Euronext Access® Paris marks the first milestone in transferring the Company’s securities to the Euronext Growth® Paris segment.

The transaction will be executed through a listing procedure on Euronext Access®, by technical admission of bonyf NV’s shares. On 17 March 2022, all shares comprising the capital – 588,600 – will be listed at a unit price of €12. Market capitalisation at the time of bonyf NV’s admission will be €7,063,200. bonyf NV is currently 50.2% owned by its founder, Jean-Pierre Bogaert, and 49.8% owned by his wife, Ginette Buyle.

Jean-Pierre Bogaert, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, commented:
“The admission of bonyf NV’s shares on Euronext Access® Paris is a major milestone in the Company’s development. Our listing will strengthen our reputation and facilitate access to new clients, particularly on an international level. Clients will value bonyf’s adherence to industry best practices, coupled with corporate expertise and high-quality financials. Our presence in a market suited to the size of our Company will give us flexibility to continue accelerating our growth plans. After decades of R&D innovation and quality certification, bonyf is now at a major strategic turning point in its history. We are confident in our ability to deliver returns on our investments in the years ahead and this stock market listing will provide further future opportunities to raise capital”.

Terms of the Admission

ISIN code BE6333353298
Ticker MLBON
Listing market Euronext Paris
Market Euronext ACCESS
Equity savings plan (PEA) eligibility No
SMEs equity savings plan (PEA PME) eligibility NO
Number of shares 588,600
Listing type Technical admission
First listing date 17 March 2022

bonyf’s strengths

  • Products with patented formulations
  • Produced in Switzerland compliant with stringent international quality regulations
  • Proven clinical efficacy
  • Commercial presence in 36 countries
  • Prospects for solid growth and rapid profitability
  • A fast-growing oral and dental care market


About bonyf

Incorporated in 1979, bonyf specialises in the development, production and selling of cutting-edge oral & dental care products. Through its unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, bonyf makes a real difference to people suffering from dental and oral conditions. The Company has its R&D facilities in Liechtenstein (in the reputable “Dental Valley”), a production plant in Switzerland and distributes its product range in 36 countries worldwide. Benefiting from seven patent protected formulations and products developed in-house, bonyf expects strong future development, driven by the fast-growing oral and dental care market


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