Ben Mettepenningen

International Business Manager

Ben Mettepenningen has over 25 years’ successful experience in business strategy and implementation in a broad field in pharmaceutical, healthcare and financial sectors. His marketing experience has been in global companies such as Sunstar, Dentaid, biotène, Proximus, Tradiphar, Citibank, Mastercard, Visa, Thales and Nespresso.

Ben’s expertise is in sales, in particular, implementing new strategies to increase turnover by crafting and meeting challenging milestones. His proven track record in the healthcare sector includes working for Sunstar as their Managing Director in Belgium. This was followed by a role in Sunstar’s headquarters in Switzerland, responsible for the UK market. His past experience also includes European Sales Manager in Biotène. During the course of his career Ben successfully launched/re-launched a number of various oral care brands.

He has extensive leadership experience in building sustainable international markets in healthcare products in diverse markets in Belgium, the United Kingdom, South Africa and multiple other western European countries.

Ben has been recently appointed as bonyf’s International Business Manager responsible for the global sales and marketing activities.