NitrAdine® SHINE Toothpaste


NitrAdine® SHINE Toothpaste

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Toothpaste for removable dental appliances

With its “Anti-biofilm” formula, NitrAdine® SHINE, a toothpaste for removable dental appliances has been especially formulated to clean, whiten, refresh and polish the denture or removable appliance.

  • Polishes and cleans
  • Fresh breath feeling
  • Reduces food and drink stains
  • Anti-biofilm formula
  • Easy & economical to use

Daily use recommended. This product is not a tooth whitening kit or a toothpaste.


BONYPLUS Express Effervescent Denture Cleanser Tablets makes the daily cleaning of your dentures simple and effective. A combination of active oxygen and wash-active substances removes plaque, impurities, food remains, nicotine, tea, coffee and other stains. They are easy to use and the cleaning agents contained in the tablets are fast, simple and efficient.

Brushing your dentures alone, is not as effective as combining both soaking the denture in the effervescent tablets before brushing. By simply brushing, it is easy not to spend enough time cleaning and it is also difficult to clean the hard to reach places which in turn creates nesting places for bacterial growth. By brushing your denture with our NitrAdine® Shine Removable Appliance Toothpaste and soaking you denture in a special denture solution, you will be assured of giving yourself the best denture hygiene possible.

  • Effective solution to decrease or remove plaque, tartar, nicotine and coffee stains
  • Fast Cleaning: in 3 minutes
  • Doesn’t attack metal denture parts
  • Works for partial dentures
  • Makes the Denture Relining Cushion Kit longer softer