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A Professional PerioCream® Product

Helps reduce gingivitis,periodontitis, peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis

What is PerioTabs®?

PerioTabs® helps reduce gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis through elimination of oral biofilm accumulation on gums, teeth and dental implants and is to be used only if recommended by the dentist. The procedure consists of brushing the teeth and gums with the provided tablets dissolved in lukewarm water (Figure 1).

The formulation of PerioTabs® is based on the NitrAdine® anti-biofilm formula and is intended for use in the oral cavity on gums and teeth.

PerioTabs® contains 10 small effervescent tablets (1 tablet per day for 10 days). One tablet is to be dissolved in 15 ml of lukewarm water in the provided container. Whilst the tablet is dissolving, the toothbrush should be immersed in the solution and left for 15 minutes. This will allow the toothbrush bristles to absorb the PerioTabs® solution (Figure 2) before brushing commences. The patient should then brush their teeth and gums with the solution for 2 minutes (Figure 3). This process should be repeated for 10 consecutive days.

PerioTabs® is a Medical Device Class I product, and patent pending in Europe and USA (application numbers EP15798353.7 and US 15/526,247). automotive

PerioTabs® clinical results

A clinical trial was conducted on 20 chronic periodontal patients after scaling and root planing (SRP) and the PerioTabs® treatment, which consisted of 10 days brushing the gums and teeth,
resulted in a significant reduction of:
  • Plaque index
  • Gingival index
  • Bleeding
  • Halitosis
  • Gum pain

Efficacy of PerioTabs®

Clinical trial results
Results of the multicentre, open label, randomised, clinical study to evaluate and compare the efficacy and safety of PerioCream®, a Periodontal Paste Dressing and Gum Brushing Solution (PerioTabs®) as an adjunct treatment to SRP in patients suffering from chronic periodontitis can be seen on the graphs below.

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Examples of recent clinical evaluation studies with PerioTabs® brushing solution automotive

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Product Classification:

Medical Device Class I


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