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mouth ulcer cream treatment.

AphtoFix® mouth ulcer cream treatment

AphtoFix mouth ulcer cream is a film-forming cream used for local treatment of mouth ulcers and denture irritations. it creates a thin protective layer on the affected area. this cream reduces the pain caused by ulcers and has protective and healing properties

AphtoFix® works in three phases:

The adhesive property of AphtoFix® is activated on contact with saliva forming a thin, elastic, durable and protective layer on the surface of the mouth ulcer. The synergy of the different ingredients of the cream AphtoFix immediately reduce pain and stimulate the healing process.

This product has mechanical properties such as:

Forming a protective film because of its muco-adhesive properties.

Creating a waterproof barrier to food and water to protect the canker sore.

Reduces pain sensation and grants an immediate relief to the affected area.


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