DiabetiXPro disinfecting Effervescent tablets for disinfecting removable dental appliances



DiabetiXPro® disinfecting tablets are designed for disinfecting and cleaning removable dental appliances. The tablets are targeted at diabetic patients, whose compromised immune system makes it even more important to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Dental appliances are porous and, upon first use, can become colonised by pathogenic micro-organisms. Eventually a biofilm forms on the appliance and this can affect oral hygiene and it becomes important to maintain and disinfect your denture.

Anti-candida formula:

The NitrAdine® formula is highly effective at removing the multiple species that can comprise a denture biofilm-plaque. It demonstrates high activity against Candida albicans, which is reduced after just 15 minutes of placing the denture in the solution.

Product Classification:

Medical Device Class IIb



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