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periodontal dressing and anti-micriobial solution.

PerioCream periodontal dressing and anti-micriobial solution

A novel periodontal dressing & gum solution to help isolate and manage gingiva following scaling and root planing treatment.

The product is a two phase post scaling and root planing (SRP) treatment performed by the dentist (Phase One) and completed by the patient (Phase Two). Each box contains six individual Phase One & Phase Two kits, which allows for the treatment of six patients.


The Phase One treatment is performed by the dentist and consists of applying a paste dressing on the treated areas of the patient's gums following the SRP treatment. The PerioCream® periodontal paste dressing is contained in pre-filled syringes. The primary purpose of the paste dressing is to protect, isolate and manage the patient's gums following the SRP treatment. The paste will act as a mechanical barrier to food particles, drinks and possible infections. The product also demonstrates significant improvement in pain reduction and bleeding control following the SRP treatment.

The Phase Two treatment is performed by the patient and consists of brushing the gums (including the treated areas) with the take home patient kit (supplied to the patient by the dentist). Each kit contains 10 small effervescent tablets (1 tablet per day for 10 days). One tablet is to be dissolved in 15ml of lukewarm water in the specially provided container to create the gum and tooth brushing solution. The brushing process is carried out with either a regular or soft bristle toothbrush by immersing it into the solution. The patient should brush every evening after eating. There is no need to use toothpaste when using the solution.



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